There are lots of events coming up in Burien. Some that A Place for Pets will be taking part in. For all the current information that is going on in Burien check out Discover Burien here.

Did you know that we are on Facebook? There are lots of pictures there and other items that gets put on our Facebook site that do not make it on our website. Check out our facebook page and like us. Hope to see you there.

Did you also know that we also send out emails once or twice a month? We will email pictures of some of the pets and little tidbits about them. We also send information about happenings that may be going on in the area. If you would like to receive email from us, send a note to and asked to be put on our mailing list.

Another overlooked fact is that we board small animals, reptiles and birds. If you need a place for your pet during your upcoming spring and summer trips. Give us a call or stop in for details.

A Place for Pets for the best selection of fresh water fish and cichlids you can find. We have lots of peacocks from Lake Malawi and guppies, angel fish, cory catfish, plecos, arowanas, goldfish, polypterus and more! If we don’t have it, we may be able to get it for you. Give us a call. If you would you like a personal tour of our fish aquariums to see all the things that might be hiding or overlooked just ask.

We are a full line pet store. That means that we have the pets and all the supplies that goes with the pets. Some people go to the “big box store pet store” and where those stores may have a lot of dog food, treats and cat litter, they really don’t have the things that we have. We provide pets, service and people with a passion and knowledge about the pets that you have at your house.

Hope you are all doing good and if there is something we can do for you and your pets, just ask.

From all of us at A Place for Pets


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