Saltwater renovations, in house aquaculture and livestock shipment

We finally finished the major renovations on our saltwater wall. Hurray!! New pipes, new protein skimmers, new uv sterilizers, new filter media, new RO unit... We still have a few more upgrades to go but we are happy with the new improved system. The next steps include finishing updating the lighting on both the reef and fish walls, new RO holding tanks, modifications to our refugium and upgrading some tanks.

Finishing the bulk of the renovations means we received a shipment of saltwater livestock late last week. Hurray!!! Included in the shipment are some lovely bi-color blennies, baby clownfish, tangs, dragonets, wrasses and so many more. Early this week we will have more corals coming in as well.

One of the most exciting aspect our renovations will be the ability to do some in house aquaculturing! We have aquacultured small freshwater items in house for years; such as our cherry shrimp and some freshwater plants. As well as purchasing from as many local hobbyists as much as possible for both fresh and saltwater items.

We are eager to start some limited saltwater aquaculture as well. With so many pressures on the planet's reef we feel moving towards captive aquacultured as much as possible possible is a humane and responsible practice while still meeting the need of our saltwater customers.

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