We have crabby friends

We have a cool new little friend in stock, Mandarin and Bi-color Vampire crabs. They are honestly one of my favorite pets to keep. Don't let their spooky name fool you! This tiny colorful crab is known for being easy to keep, easy to care for and relatively peaceful with tankmates. Not many of those attributes can be stated of other land crabs. Despite their diminutive size, shell only reaching a little larger than an inch, they have huge character. Some of ours are already boldly eating out of our hands.

Tank setup varies due to their small stature do not require huge enclosures, especially compared to other crabs. A ten gallon tank set up properly can easily house a few of these cuties.

They have been successfully kept in tropical terrestrial planted environments as well as in shallow aquatic environments. This would be a wonderful addition to a paludarium. If you go with a land setup don't forget to provide a pool to drink and molt in! Those kept in aquatic environment must have many rocks, wood and plants to allow for their mostly terrestrial nature.

Feeding members of the genus Geosesarma is quite easy as they take many prepared foods, such as Hikari's Crab Cuisine or Zoo Med's hermit crab diets, in additions to live foods. Variety is the key to a complete diet so picking up a couple types of prepared foods as well as offering fresh fare is recommended.

Feel free to call us or stop in for more information regarding the care of these fun little critters!

Quick Info:

Size-up to 1"

Temperature-73 to 83 degrees

Humidity-60% or higher

Diet-high protein omnivores (prepared diets, snails, worms, some vegetation)

Tank Size-3 to 5 gallons per individual crab

Special considerations-require a water feature to molt and breed

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