Cats Incredible, it's incredible

I can be a bit skeptical when it come to certain claims by companies, one of them being the ability to stop litter box odor. I mean they all say they do right? However, only some products actually live up to the claim. When one of my sales reps introduced me to Cats Incredible by Lucy Pet Products, and their claim to "squash" ammonia smell, I was very hesitant to believe.

We already have a huge selection of cat litter and bringing another brand in would pose issue for myself and the store. This product would really have to perform for me to give it a shot on our shelves. Our rep gave two of my team members bags to try with instructions to not be as diligent about our scooping habits. "What!?!? Ya right.." we all said. He insisted and was confident we would be so impressed we would bring Lucy's litter in.

Being the admitted skeptic I am thought we would simply humor him (sorry Camron), wouldn't be impressed and would end up using the bags then go back to our regularly scheduled ordering. I was wrong. A week after my staff took the bags home I asked them what they thought and was greeted by rave reviews. The litter absolutely stopped ammonia better than anything they had ever used. Ever.

At this point I caved and brought in a limited number of bags the next week, plus an extra bag to take home myself. (I am that much of a skeptic.) I filled all four of the cats boxes, I turned off the automatic scooping cat box which is in my living room and let everything sit for a few days. No smell. Scooped poo from the boxes but left the clumps topped off with a little fresh Cat's Incredible. Few more days go by, no smell. By the next week most of our team members were buying this litter.

Cats Incredible had quickly become a store and customer favorite. It really is incredible.This stuff truly is wonderful and healthier for your cat. Ammonia doesn't just smell bad it's harmful to their health.

If you are looking for a new litter or just want to go with something different give Cats Incredible a shot. Great product by a great company who donates all of their profits to a great cause. It comes in unscented and lavender scented, contained in a sturdy easy to carry/pour bags, low dust, available in two sizes and while they last we have $1 off coupons.

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